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Business Workshop




4 Weeks

About the Course

This course is a community course with an open format. Although led by Wayne, it is you, the participant, that will make this successful. All are welcome to join and exchange and test new ideas. This is a peer group workshop where we all come out stronger.

This is a 4-week workshop held in person for the best results. Scheduled for an hour it will sometimes run a bit longer. At the end of the workshop we decide if we would like to schedule a continuation of the workshop group, join another group, or not. This is an experimental workshop. Each workshop must have at least four participants to begin without a cap on how many can join the group.

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Your Instructor

Wayne Hills

Wayne Hills

Wayne Hills is the President of BiG Local Club, Inc. and one of the founders. He founded Neighbors of Bowling Green and South Warren Neighbors and assisted with Neighbors of Franklin magazines respectfully. He has been self-employed or a direct sales rep for over 20 years—Father to Christine and Tripp and Husband to Miranda. Wayne has lived in Bowling Green and wants to help you start strong.

In recent years, he has guided many of the club's partners and other businesses, some of whom he has worked closely, resulting in substantial increases in their gross sales, often as much as 129%.

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