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February Member Networking Event

The networking event held in February for members was a huge success. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Safeguard Insurance for hosting the event this month. Matt, Stephanie, and Paula did an excellent job of arranging a diverse selection of refreshments and generously opened their doors to members to connect and plan for potential collaborations.

From left to right, top picture on the right: sponsor Dennis Chyle with and Matt McCay of

Bottom Picture on left, from left to right: Ashley Yawn of Pippin Pop Popcorn Shoppe, Eddie and Kathie Blair of, Leslie Glass of Permalinx by jbloom, And Kaitlyn Bunch enjoying some conversation and refreshments.

Bottom Right from left to right: Guy and Missy Craig of and Kaitie Biggs of and discuss wellness.

I had some wonderful discussions with everyone during the networking event and I intend to contact each person to learn more about their business and how the club can assist them in achieving their objectives. Moreover, I overheard a few conversations and it seemed that everyone had a great time meeting and conversing.

The next networking event is scheduled for a few weeks from now. An email invitation will be sent out shortly.

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It was nice meeting other local business owners in the BG community. looking forward to collaborating and making lasting friendships.

Have a blessed day!

Guy & Missy Craig (The Healing Spirit LLC)


I loved being able to meet and network with others in the community.

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