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Empowering Local Businesses

We are dedicated to nurturing and supporting local and small businesses in a world dominated by global corporations. The nonprofit BiG Local Club (pending 501c3) ( is on a mission to help local and or small businesses run more effective and productive businesses. The list below has a mix of current services and soon-to-come benefits of club membership.

1. Social Media Assistance:

In an era where digital presence is crucial for business success, the BiG Local Club recognizes the importance of social media. The organization helps navigate social media with members, helping them navigate platforms like Facebook and Instagram. By helping you implement effective advertising strategies, the BiG Local Club equips entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge they need to connect with their target audience and expand their online presence.

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2. Email Marketing Support:

Email marketing remains a powerful tool for businesses to communicate directly with customers. BiG Local Club extends its support by offering email marketing assistance to members. Through practical email marketing courses, local companies can maintain direct customer communication and drive engagement. We help you create a strategy.

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3. Shopper's Guide Magazine:

The BiG Local Club produces the Shopper's Guide Magazine, a local publication serving as a valuable resource for businesses and consumers. This magazine showcases the diverse array of products and services local entrepreneurs offer, creating a platform for companies to reach a wider audience. The Shopper's Guide Magazine is not just a directory; it's a celebration of local talent and innovation.

4. Networking Events with Members:

Networking is vital to business success, and the BiG Local Club understands the significance of fostering connections. The organization hosts networking events that bring together its members. These events provide a platform for collaboration, idea exchange, and potential partnerships, fostering a sense of community among local businesses.

5. (Coming soon) Store Front:

We are exploring opening a brick-and-mortar store that would better serve the community. This store would be more than just a typical retail space. It would also be a hub for work, learning, and networking. In addition to selling products and advertising businesses, we would host meetings, workshops, and small events.

For more information email or use your spaces app and send a message.

6. BiG Local Fest | Become a Vendor:

The BiG Local Fest is an annual event organized by the club that brings together local businesses and the community. Entrepreneurs can participate as vendors, showcasing their products to a diverse audience. This festival boosts sales and serves as a celebration of local culture and enterprise.

7. Grants:

Understanding small businesses' financial challenges, the BiG Local Club offers grants to deserving entrepreneurs. These small business grants can be instrumental in funding expansion, launching new products, or implementing innovative solutions. The club empowers businesses to overcome hurdles and thrive by providing financial support. We will announce the first round of Grants soon!

8. Microloans:

In addition to grants, the Big Local Club offers micro-loans to businesses that need a financial boost. These low-interest loans support entrepreneurs in their early stages or during economic uncertainty. Access to microloans can be a game-changer for companies investing in growth opportunities. We will announce micro-loan lending as it becomes available.

9. Courses:

Knowledge is power, and the BiG Local Club believes in empowering its members with relevant skills. The organization offers courses on business start-ups, marketing courses, and entrepreneurship. These courses provide practical insights and tools that can enhance the capabilities of local entrepreneurs, enabling them to navigate the business landscape more effectively. A series of workshops for start-ups and newer businesses will be announced soon. All companies from every level can benefit from education as well. If you are an expert in your field, consider adding to our course list and helping your neighbor.

Learn more about club membership and our advertising packages.

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